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Nobody else in this entire galaxy has ever even bothered to make edible ball bearings … genius!  – Doctor

Because I have nothing better to do with my time, this morning I went adventuring on the interwebs for some Doctor Who cakes.  Low and behold, there are many.  (Not entirely sure why I thought of Doctor Who cakes, precisely, except that I recently discovered Cake Wrecks.)

Cake Wrecks, as it turns out, has four posts (maybe more?  That’s all I could find.) containing Doctor Who-themed cakes, one of which is an entire Sunday Sweets devoted to our favorite hero.

  1. Dalek-bunny of death.  It is a bit terrifying, and cute, at the same time.  (Kind of like the Dalek stuffed animals … or stuffed machines …)
  2. TARDIS-castle.  I confess I’m not entirely sure why this reminds the Cake Wrecks authors of the TARDIS, except perhaps that it has flat panels on the side.  Looks like a pretty awesome castle, anyway—and it has dragons on top!  (I am going to let you in on a little secret—if there is anything that I like almost as much as Doctor Who, it is dragons.  They can be fire-breathing monsters of doom, or cute little fluffballs, I don’t care:  dragons!!!!!!!!)
  3. The TARDIS itself, in all its glory.  These seem a bit common (Googling “TARDIS cake” brings up a gazillion images), but this one looks delicious.
  4. And finally, the Sunday Sweets.  That Cyberman is awe-inspiring!  Hard to believe it’s made out of cake.

Fandomestic has a page showing 10 Doctor Who-themed cakes—not all made by professionals, but all terrifying in their … er, quality.  (At least they are mostly recognizable!)

Barbara Jo at decided to make a TARDIS … WHERE THE INTERIOR IS BIGGER THAN THE EXTERIOR. How cool is that? (Bonus points: She describes how she made the cake, too!)

And here, on Geeky Gadgets, is a cake with levitating Daleks.

What I want to know is, how on Earth (or Gallifrey!) does anyone have the courage to eat these?


Posted July 25, 2011 by sonic in spoilers, things in progress

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